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In short: Our simple idea is to deliver high quality Baltic & Scandinavian service productions at a good price.Read more

The Chubby Unicorn is a production service company with offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen & Riga. Our simple business idea is to make quality work that keeps our clients coming back for more.

All of our clients are foreign based production companies. We help them produce high quality film and still-photo productions. From our Scandinavian and Latvian offices we provide service productions in all Baltic & Scandinavian countries. We hire the best crew and use the best resources available in the region.

The name of the company originates from an ancient and well-known Scandinavian myth about a chubby unicorn descending from the heavens above to help filmmakers in need.


The best thing about filming with The Chubby Unicorn in the Baltic is that you can get a large amount of skillfully made set designs, huge film studios, custom made costumes and great film crews for your money. Combine that with low usage fees for extras, all the equipment you could possibly need and you can realize your dreams as a filmmaker.


Our Scandinavian production arm has over 15 years experience working with commercials, music videos, feature films and TV productions. From urban environments to picturesque forest and winter wonderlands, The Chubby Unicorn was founded in 2010 by the Swedish production company Hobby Film The Chubby Unicorn provides high quality solutions for your production needs.


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Great English speaking crew, giant studios, brilliant hotels, wonderful restaurants... all for a great price.Read more

You bring great creativity. We bring great cost effective production.



The old soviet film industry built huge film studios in the Baltic’s during the 1940s and shot most of their film production here. Example of stages: 988 sq. m. & 12 m high, 832 sq. m. & 8 m high. meter high. Example of back lot: 1 ́500 ́000 sq. m.

Film crew:

We only work with the best teams that the Baltic countries have to offer. All key positions are English speaking. If the best people are booked on other jobs – we say no to your request.

Set designs & costumes:

The Baltic ́s have a history of very skillful set and costume designers. Just bring your ideas and we will make them a reality.


You can find a huge variety of location in the Baltic countries: beaches, lakes, urban & old city centres, castles, manors, bars, restaurants, forests, harbours, railways, airports, houses, apartments, country, farms, and much, much more.


If you want loads of extras/actors in your movie – come film in the Baltic’s. We have a great combination of many interesting extras/actors and very competitive rates.


35 mm, 16 mm, Red One MX, Arri Alexa, a wide range of lighting, all the lenses you need, cranes, dollies, car rigs, gyro stabilizators, heli-cam, tracking vehicles and so on. We have almost everything you might need for you production. If you need something we haven’t got – we'll ship it in.

Flight connections:

The Baltics are nearby and have fast direct flight connections to all northern European capitals. Example of flight times from Riga: Stockholm 1h 15min, London 2h 50min, Berlin 1:35, Oslo 1:35, Moscow 1:35, Paris 2:50, Amsterdam 2:25, Hamburg 1:40, Barcelona 3:45. Air Baltic operates out of Riga and has direct flights to most big European cities. Visit for prices and more info.

Hotels & restaurants:

It's important to stay in a great hotel & to eat good food when you are away from home for a long time on a production. Therefore we are happy to say that there are some wonderful hotels and restaurants on offer: (Hotels in Riga),,, (Villnius),,



From pristine lakes, idyllic forests and winter wonderlands, Scandinavian locations are some of the beautiful in the world. Combined with a mixture of historic and modern urban environments, capital cities like Stockholm & Copenhagen are a filmmakers dream come true.

The Chubby Unicorn will take care of all permits, road closures, control measures to make your production a perfect one.


On top of a diverse (and beautiful) variety of people, Scandinavia has some of the best usage rates you can find. No need to deal with difficult and expensive rights extensions, a simple (and affordable) set fee will make your life much easier.


We only work with the best teams that Scandinavia have to offer. All key positions are English speaking.

Set Designs & Costumes:

With a rich visual & cinematic history, Scandinavia has some of the world’s most celebrated set and costume designers. Don’t like Scandinavian design? No problem, we’re able to create the set of your choice.


Over the years Scandinavia has become a destination of choice for premium car commercials. And given the open roads and idyllic countryside it’s not wonder why. Let Chubby take you for a ride and handle all permits & safety requirements.

Post Production:

We’re also able to help with any post production needs you may have. From our edit suits we can provide help with retouch, grading, post supervision, film editing and much more. Why wait until you get home and when you can continue the work from our Stockholm HQ.

Content Production:

Need help capture additional or behind the scenes content? We can help your brand develop, produce and stills and films to maximize the deliverables while your shooting with us. Collapse